The staff

Nadia Guazzini

Executive Director

Part Swiss and part Italian, mine is a family with a long tradition in the hotel industry. Growing up among many languages and cultures, I speak French, English, Swiss German and Italian.

I love learning about different cultures as well as sharing aspects of my own culture with my guests! I am fluent in many languages,  love skiing, spending time with my family, and horse riding. Join me and I will share with you, the best of Italy’s iconic heritage.

Benedetta Grande

Junior manager

Hey there, Benedetta here! My family comes from Sicily but I have spent my entire life in Florence. As with any quintessential Florence native, I hold a deep appreciation and understanding of Italian culture, history, and of course the great food that Italy is well known for.

I am fluent in both English and Italian, have experience in project management, and am a licensed tour guide. I love my friends and my family and can spend hours basking in the sunlight on a warm beach. Take a stroll with us along the bustling Florence streets and you will feel the atmosphere like never before!