The staff

Nadia Guazzini

Executive Director

Part Swiss and part Italian, mine is a family with a long tradition in the hotel industry. Growing up among many languages and cultures, I speak French, English, Swiss German and Italian.

I love learning about different cultures as well as sharing aspects of my own culture with my guests! I am fluent in many languages,  love skiing, spending time with my family, and horse riding. Join me and I will share with you, the best of Italy’s iconic heritage.

Benedetta Grande

Junior manager

Hey there, Benedetta here! My family comes from Sicily but I have spent my entire life in Florence. As with any quintessential Florence native, I hold a deep appreciation and understanding of Italian culture, history, and of course the great food that Italy is well known for.

I am fluent in both English and Italian, have experience in project management, and am a licensed tour guide. I love my friends and my family and can spend hours basking in the sunlight on a warm beach. Take a stroll with us along the bustling Florence streets and you will feel the atmosphere like never before!

Alessia D’elia

Travel Designer

Born in Tuscany, half from Northern Italy and half from Southern Italy. I have got a master’s degree in travel organization, thanks to this, I can easily create tailor-made experiences and tours following clients’ desires and needs.

I can speak English, Spanish and French and I am a culture, food and art lover. I love being in contact with local and foreign cultures and traditions, having lunch in the middle of the jungle with Mayan families, dancing salsa on the steps of the central squares of Cuba, making mozzarella cheese with local people in Naples.

Silvia Tredici

Travel designer

Born and raised in the Tuscan hills, I am a real Florentine!

During my studies, I earned a diploma in Languages and a degree in Tourism Science, which also allowed me to become a private guide of an artistic cultural site.

I like to define myself as an insatiable curious wandering peasant. Curious about everything that is different, new, and atypical, from my everyday life but still connected to my hamlet and my simple origins. Wanderer because as soon as possible, traveling/visiting/wondering remains my favorite activity whether it is close to home or overseas.